Customized Zenkai Recovery Treatment - Our Most Popular Service
These treatments are the most comprehensive and individualized treatments we offer. The acupuncture is designed to relax, rebalance and revitalize your whole being. Consultation, acupuncture, and other modalities such as moxibustion, cupping, tui na, gua sha, medical qigong, ear acupuncture, and nutritional counseling are included as needed. Price of herbs not included. Ages 12 and up. Insurance accepted. Initial consultation & treatment- 90 minutes. Follow-up treatment- 60 minutes.

Radiant Renewal: Stress Relief
During a Radiant Renewal treatment, we use a special Zenkai technique specific for stress, insomnia, and anxiety. Our Radiant Renewal treatments relieve the effects that stress puts on your body and will better equip your body to deal with stress in the future. 30 minutes

Back to Balance
Using a combination of Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, and/or Tui Na (Chinese massage), we work directly on tight muscles to relieve back pain, stiffness, and aching. Special oils or balms containing pain-relieving herbs may be used to help alleviate your condition. 30 minutes

Immune Invigoration
As proven in Western medical studies, acupuncture effectively boosts the immune response by increasing the activity of white blood cells in the body. Our Immune Invigoration treatments focus on supporting the immune system for optimal health & prevention of illness, and can help decrease the duration of an already existing sickness, helping people feel better quicker when they have an active infection. 30 minutes

Shaku-Ju Treatment: Non-Insertive Acupuncture
This gentle Japanese Acupuncture style mainly employs the use of Teishin therapy. A Teishin is a special tool with a rounded tip used to stimulate acupuncture points through touch rather than needle insertion. Even though Shaku-ju treatments tend to be shorter in duration, the therapy is tremendously effective in treating a wide range of ailments. This treatment is interactive, and the practitioner will be in the room with the patient throughout the entire duration of the treatment. Shaku-ju is a wonderful treatment for patients of all ages, and is ideal for treating children or patients with an aversion to needles. 30 minutes

Pediatric Acupuncture
Children as young as one week old can be effectively treated with a non-needle acupuncture technique called Shonishin. This Japanese method consists of light holding, tapping, brushing or rubbing with blunt tools at specific acupuncture points or along entire channels. This treatment is interactive, and the practitioner will be in the room with the patient throughout the entire duration of the treatment. Most children enjoy and look forward to their treatments. Because children are quite sensitive and have a lot of energy, acupuncture is extremely effective in balancing a child’s energy patterns and restoring their natural state of health. Ages 0-12. Initial Consultation & Treatment- 60 minutes. Follow-up treatment- 30 minutes

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